The Seven Sopranos

The 7 Sopranos have been dubbed “Australia’s Most Beautiful Voices” following the successful launch of their self-titled ABC Classics album in 2013, which debuted at Number 2 on the ARIA charts. In 2016 they released an independent album – “Popcorn” – a selection of songs from stage and screen, based on their current touring show Songs From Stage and Screen.

What is most striking about The 7 Sopranos is their commanding stage presence and vocal prowess. Their refined vocal skills make this operatic ensemble of seven talented women a show-stopping headline wherever they go. They convert the inconvertible to the power and versatility of classically trained performers with their breadth of work covering everything from opera to musical theatre to contemporary song. Their irresistible style, personas and unique sound appeal to music lovers everywhere.

From Dubai to Dunedin to Dubbo and beyond, The 7 Sopranos have clocked up hundreds of appearances across the globe. Appealing to music lovers everywhere, they successfully straddle the divide between opera and mainstream music, creating their own unique fusion of faithful classical traditions and techniques meshed with contemporary music, enchanting new and enthusiastic audiences. The 7 Sopranos are an accessible, versatile all-female ensemble of breath-taking music makers.