The Hamiltons

“Irresistibly Dancey” - The Independant UK


Brother and sister duo The Hamiltons, are a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma.  Born to a musician father and a French mother, the pair grew up in Sydney Australia on tour with their fathers folk band before relocating to the UK with a one way ticket in 2015.  This international pair travel the world performing their unique blend of jazz, pop, blues and cajun music to astounded audiences, impressed with their musicality as they both effortlessly glide from piano, drums, bass, accordion and vocals.  Sister Emma’s jazzy smooth vocals passionately evoke another era with her authentic interpretation of Edith Piaf to Charles Trenet classics which can only be mastered by a native speaker.  Brother Tom is a piano virtuoso whose self taught approach is like no other.  Together, they have released albums on ABC/Universal which Van Dyke Parks (The Beach Boys) claimed to be “a total triumph on so many levels”.  Based in London, The Hamiltons have sold out their shows across the country, and have a residency in the West End which sees them perform most nights of the week.  On stage, the siblings’ show is electrifying.  They perform with an instinct and intuition that only siblings with their rare talent can achieve.