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Renowned cellist Dave Loew was born in Kenya close to the wild game reserves of the Serengheti  plains.As a small boy of 6 he began playing the cello which,was to become a life long passion. Hailing from a family rich in show business history ,his parents Hungarian /English the small boy`s vision of playing in great concert halls would become a reality,and during his childhood days his cello practicing would entertain his very first audience the ,zebra,lions and baboons as they grazed close by or swung from the branches above his head!

Emigrating to Australia with his parents in the late 1960`s Dave studied at the conservatorium in Sydney and then joined the Melbourne symphony and later solo cello for our Australian ballet and opera….he moved to London in 1977 and then joined the illustrious London Symphony Orchestra under legend conductor Andre Previn..who would late laud him with accolades for his solos. Dave has enjoyed a wide variety of work in England,be it classical concerts and recordings for such icons as Joan Sutherland and Pavarotti to major Hollywood blockbusters and pop sessions for such as Mike Oldfield,Elton John to Julie Andrews and Barbra Streisand,as well as for musicals such as CATS.

Upon releasing his very first album “Debut” it soon became apparent that his playing had the magical qualities of “Touching hearts and souls”of his audience..with almost healing aspects .This became a platinum seller and still on sale today.

In the late 1980`s he also formed our first privately funded National Arts orchestra , producing award   winning cabaret style shows at the World Expo,Sydney Opera House and much more..he was then offered a world release his Debut album and so took a breather back in London to support this opportunity.Later he created his own record label Safari In Classics making 3 more albums with top London musicians.

Dave returned to Australia in 2012 to launch his already successful Safari In Classics album collection which enjoyed spectacular success in Britain creating a cult following, his music  rich classics covering classical,opera ,musicals,film and pop genres..Already   proving to be a “timeless collection”,appealing to  nearly all nationalities and walks of life around the globe. He has also been featured on BBC ITN and even CNN world news. He is now signed to Ambition Entertainment with albums across Australian retail chains with plans for further releases..

Dave enjoyed a wonderful receptive audience on BRAVO 2017 to whom he extends his gratitude here on BRAVO 2019 he has especially composed 2 exciting Theme concert shows>

*My Cello on Safari   (worldly music and tales from his fascinating legacy and career)

*Romance of the Cello ( great classical encores  and tales ).

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